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I am a golden hour obsessed, taco lovin' mama that loves photographing life's sweetest moments.

In 2016 I dropped out of college and told my dad "I think im just going to be a professional photographer". I had a 12 year old hand-me-down Nikon DSLR and had absolutely no clue what I was doing. In 2019 I decided to follow my dream and I put my heart and soul into the business. I invested in education, better equipment & found my "style". Capturing those raw, authentic moments has become my muse & watching couples & families grow through my lens is what truly fuels my passion.

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Fun Fact #1 - I 'm a girl mom!!

I’m a girl mom! I have 2 daughters, Paisleigh & Bristol and they are my entire world. 

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Fun Fact #2 - Taylor swift all day!!

I am a huge swiftie! I have been obsessed with Taylor Swift since way back in 2006 and have made it a personality trait since then! 

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Fun Fact #3 - Crime Junkie!!

I love all things true crime. Dateline is my comfort show (weird I know) and you can find me listening to Crime Junkie Podcast while I’m editing.